EMR Advantage® Add-On Services

Auto-Fax Service

Canadian Health System’s integrated Auto-Fax Service virtually eliminates the need for manual faxing by automating the flow of medical correspondence created within your EMR Advantage® system. Our service ensures that important documents are delivered in a timely and efficient manner, without requiring additional attention from administrative staff.

With the Auto-Fax service you can automate the delivery of:

•Referral Requests
•Consult Result Letters
•Outbound Professional Letters
•Declined Referral Letters

Courtesy Call Appointment Reminder Service

Our Courtesy Call Confirmation Service provides the reminders that many of your patients depend on, without demanding time or effort from clinic administrative staff. Upcoming appointments are automatically drawn from schedules in EMR Advantage® and patients are contacted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology.

Courtesy Call Service Highlights

Health Card Validation

Canadian Health Systems provides a Real-Time Health Card validation service that verifies the status of provincial insurance for clinic patients. Verifying health insurance against the Ministry of Health’s records ensures that patients are eligible for service prior to service delivery.

Self-Registration Kiosk

The self-registration kiosk is an essential fixture in any busy clinic. Canadian Health Systems offers a kiosk application that is completely integrated with EMR Advantage® applications. Patients are able to check-in for an appointment, or register for a walk-in clinic in the language of their choice. The kiosk can be set to verify patient demographics and collect supplementary patient information. These settings allow our clients to run an efficient practice while focusing on the most important task – providing exceptional patient care.

Please click here to learn more about the benefits of the EMR Advantage® self-registration kiosk.

Transcription Service

Canadian Health Systems Inc. offers a fully integrated Transcription Service that produces high-quality medical documentation for dictations created within EMR Advantage®. We employ professional medical transcriptionists who possess the experience required to deliver superior quality transcriptions, while guaranteeing the rapid turnaround rate necessary within the healthcare field.

Our Transcription Service allows you to enhance your productivity without adding any extra steps to your current workflow.

Transcription Service Highlights