Canadian Health Systems Inc. offers an innovative, high-performance system that provides the ideal combination of simplicity and sophistication. EMR Advantage® is easy to use and incorporates state-of-the-art features required by specialists to run a professional practice.

Tablet-optimized for mobility, EMR Advantage® conforms to each individual practice style and allows users to write, type, dictate or template notes and result letters. Our unique EMR system is highly configurable to the workflow of each individual specialist, allowing for complete adoption across multi-disciplinary practices.

With EMR Advantage®, family physicians can:

Dr. George Wallace

Dr. George Wallace, Gynecologist

  Track incoming electronic lab results and reconcile with orders

  Search for Rx's by compound, ingredient or name

  Bundle associated billing codes

  Submit billing electronically

  View growth charts and map lab results for patients

  Create electronic billing and waiting lists

  Streamline workflow to administration

  And much more!

Canadian Health Systems Inc. has a proven track record in successful EMR implementations as well as extensive experience supporting a variety of different specialist practices. We provide customized training to all specialists and administrative staff not only to ensure smooth EMR implementation (or conversion) but to ensure your practice achieves the highest possible level of performance.

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