Multi-Location Network

Multi-Location Network

EMR Advantage® provides powerful, real-world benefits over traditional and older electronic medical record systems! It is the leading system for ease-of use. Designed for doctors by doctors. It was developed to provide enhanced patient-centered care, increased practice efficiency and enhanced practice revenue.

You Cannot Run a High Performing Group without the Best EMR

Whether you are a multi-clinic group or a Family Health Team (FHT), the two most critical factors in running a successful group are the ability to attract and retain the best doctors and to keep overhead costs down.

  Building a Quality Team is Easier with EMR Advantage

High quality doctors have two concerns when assessing whether to join your group or a competitor’s: the administrative workload and their income potential.

EMR Advantage is designed to give your group a competitive edge when building a top performing team. EMR Advantage includes a practice automation system that lowers the administrative workload and makes working in a team environment effortless. It allows doctors to maintain their autonomy while participating in a well-run clinic environment.

Doctors who have joined groups that operate on EMR Advantage know that they will enjoy a higher income, a better work life balance and will be able to deliver higher quality care.

EMR Advantage Dramatically Increases Income

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  No Margins No Mission

EMR Advantage offers a solution that not only attracts the best doctors but that also works to save your organization tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year depending on the size of your group.

This proven approach yields operational efficiencies that widen margins so that in turn you can reinvest the additional capital in providing a better practice environment for your doctors and keep your growing organization on the right track to success.

EMR Advantage Significantly Lowers Operating Expenses

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