EMR Advantage Connected Solutions

EMR Advantage Connected Solutions
Self-Registration Kiosks

Our team introduced the first touch-screen patient registration kiosks into health care in 1994. With over 20 year experience of designing, implementing and enhancing these easy to use modules into clinical environments, we can provide you and your organization with the best designed and easiest to use kiosk systems for reception. Our kiosks do not just register patients. They have robust logic and enable patients to assist the administration and clinicians to provide better care at a lower cost. Our kiosk methodology will improve service to your patients, reduce your staff workload, reduce administrative error, improve the quality of care and quality of clinical information, while applying your own rules to navigate patients actively to the correct provider in your facilities in real-time. All of this occurs automatically. In our studies, over 80% of patients preferred to use the kiosk then tie up a receptionist. Double the number of patients provided email and text consents at our kiosks compared to in person registration in the same facilities. Kiosks allow your staff and clinicians more time for care, for inter-personal communication, and the many other activities they need to stay on top of to make your facilities successful. Our kiosks can be used by both publicly insured patients and privately insured patients, and incorporate messaging to ensure patient triage histories are completed before the patient sees the doctor.

Even for those doctors who are adamant that they would like to remain paper-based, our kiosk supports the front office staff and significantly reduces their workload, while generating the day sheet or progress notes page for the paper chart.

Patient Portals

Allow your patients to book appointments, update their information, and monitor the status of their test results 24/7. Our portals allow you differentiate between your regular ongoing patients and those that are itinerant; between those with private insurance and those with government insurance. Trusted patients can also monitor their home BP, Blood Sugars, height and weight between visits with our user friendly design. You can decide how much of a chart the patients should have direct access to view, and for which group of patients. Likewise, you can decide which patients should be able to book appointments.

Wait Time Tools

In 1998 we introduced Canada's first real-time wait time system for urgent care and same-day walk-ins. Use this tool in your own office to communicate at a glance with patients who want to see who is on duty, how long the wait will be and what services are or are not provided. This not only cuts down on low-value phone calls, but replaces them with more rich and useful information to patients that they can use and that they appreciate you providing.

Remote Check-In

Would you like your patients to check-in from home? Know if your clinicians are running late? We provide white-labelled Apps for many specific applications, where you want to provide that 'mint on the pillow' level of service excellence to your patients.

Remote Data Capture

Canadian Health Systems is fully integrated with the most advanced patient survey automation and pre-visit triage platform in North America. The Stethoscope program by Insig Corp. provides the ability for all patients to participate in their care, by completing pre-visit questionnaires in any language. The information is then converted and translated into an editable chart note or specialist's letter format, so that during the visit, the focus is on the patient, and the charting time is cut by between 60-80% depending on the specialty. The system has the capacity to fully update the different sections of the CPP, flag screening activities, obtain consents and signatures, capture photos of lesions and more.....straight into the chart for the visit and final edit. The final edit can be done by stylus, by keyboard, or by voice-to-text, (without the need for a Dragon license). This platform is entirely configurable by each practitioner within a group to reflect their own tastes regarding how much and what type of information they would like the patient to provide. Likewise, the output is configurable, so that the editable note or letter matches the practitioner's existing style of writing notes and letters.

Many practices and facilities wish they could do post-visit surveying, or capture accurate ratings and/or follow up from their patients. Our system provides this capability and more.

Transcription Services

There are few greater efficiencies than dictating your notes. Whether you have your own transcriptionist or want to access our pool of trained professionals, EMRAdvantage provides direct access from your SOAP note to dictate your notes. For doctors who do not have a regular need for transcription, this on-demand service is fully integrated into your EMRAdvantage system, and available to use as needed. Our platform was designed to enable those who have their own transcriptionist to continue using their own service, no training required. Your transcriptionist will find the workflow stunningly simple, with formatting done automatically for them.

If you worry that transcription costs money, remember that your time is much more valuable than the transcriptionists, and therein lies a tremendous income boost for your practice. Compare your charting time across speech, typing and cursive: Normal speech flows at a rate of 160 words a minute and allows you to be fully mobile while documenting, typing flows at about 40 wpm, but limits your mobility creating additional time loss equal to about 10% of your day. Handwriting is slower than typing, approximately 30 wpm, but allows for mobility. For efficiency, the combination of jotting notes with your stylus and dictating the final note is very hard to surpass and saves clinicians over an hour a day, in an 7 hour day in terms of productivity. If your productivity is $250/hr, switching from typing to transcription not only provides more complete and readable notes, but will also earn you $50,000 in extra income a year with less effort.

Voice-To-Text Optimization

The EMRAdvantage platform is optimized for voice-to-text charting and updating of chart and CPP sections. Whether you use Dragon or other off the shelf software, or would prefer to use our embedded Stethoscope platform, you can do all your notes and letters by voice.

Virtual Care

Your practice may wish to provide virtual care, by video or voice, to patients on an appointment basis, to improve access or to introduce private pay services. Our Virtual Care is fully integrated with the chart and the schedules, making it easy to allow for these 'visits' to be done throughout the course of a normal clinic. As volume builds, you can set aside specific scheduler time for these activities, the choice is yours. Let our knowledgeable staff show you how to set up your virtual direct-to-patient practice, choose the appropriate case types, and set up a schedule. It's that simple.

Contact Centers

For many offices, the phone is a loud and expensive nuisance, but it is also a vital service to patients. Our EMRAdvantage customers can delegate their phone handling to our experienced contact center staff at a fraction of the cost of providing it from within your own office. This has the added benefit of de-linking call answring hours from in-office hours. Your patients can enjoy 7 days a week phone access, while saving your practice or group significant amounts of money.

Likewise, you can outsource other administrative tasks to us, from consult handling, patient call backs, scanning etc. Freeing up your own staff to focus on preparing the patients for their visits. This has the additional benefit of ensuring that all activities are up to date at all times, reducing re-work and liability for your practice.

Reporting Tools

EMRAdvantage has the most robust reporting tools in the industry. Easy to use, accurate, immediate queries, at no additional cost. You can't manage what you can't measure, so we have included reporting tools that most EMR's wouldn't realize are critical to the profitable operation of your facilities or enterprise. If you want to truly understand both your clinical practice and your financial status, these reporting tools will enable you to do so.

Real World Evidence Research Support

Many of our clients generate significant additional revenue by participating in research. Even simple research can eclipse the license fee paid very quickly, while contributing to a better understanding of patient treatment outcomes. If you are interested in research and research income, let us know. IQVIA, the world's leading health research publisher chose our EMR as the 'best EMR for Real World Outcome Research in Canada'.

Industry Bests

Our EMRAdvantage platform has won numerous awards recognizing its deep functional capability and ease of use. In 2016 we were awarded the Microsoft IMPACT Award for Best Application Software in Canada, across all industries, not just health care.

In 2017, we won 2nd place at the IMPACT Awards for Best IoT Software application.

We have also been awarded the F.W. Sheps Prize on 2 separate occasions for our patient engagement tools, by the College of Family Physicians of Canada at their annual FMF conference.

We have led the industry in innovation for 2 decades, from kiosks to apps, and the future is only looking more promising for the twin goals of enabling practitioners to provide better care, while reducing the actual workload on them and their staff in providing this care. This commitment is likely why we have the highest retention rate and the highest rating of all Ontario EMRs.